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Hospital & Laboratory Instruments

Buchner Filtration Flask

Buchner Funnel


Burette Rods without Stopcock

Chromatographic Tank

Cone Single Standard Joints

Distillation Apparatus

Distillation Assembly

Dropping Bottle

Extractor Spare

Flask Distillation with Side Tube

Gas Washing Bottle

Glass Key Stopcock

Gooch Type Sintered Crucible

Liebig Condenser

Long Neck Flask

Melting Point Apparatus

Measuring Cylinder

Membrane Filter Holder Assembly

Micro Acetyl Group Determination Apparatus

Nessler Cylinder

Neutral Hard Glass Test Tube

PTFE Key Stopcock

PTFE Key Stopcock Straight Bore


Petri Dishes


Reagent Bottle

Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle

Rotaflow Stopcock

Rotary Vacuum Film Evaporator Universal Diagonal

Separating Funnel

Set 46 BU Organic Chemistry Kit

Soxhlet Extraction Apparatus

Specific Gravity Bottle

Spherical Joint

Splash Heads, Pear Shape Sloping

Steam Distillation Heads & Sloping

Tall Form Weighing Bottles with Interchangeable Stopper

Tubes Culture Media

Vacuum Desiccators

Weighing Bottles

Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle

Semi Micro Chromatography Apparatus

Centrifuge Tube

High Performance Rota Flow Stopcock

Dimroth Condenser

Theils Melting Point Tube

Round Bottom Three Neck Parallel Flask

Essential Oil Determination Apparatus

Straight Bore Glass Key Stopcock

Flask Kjeldahl with Socket

Joint Clips

Straight Rotaflow Stopcock

Round Bottom Three Neck Flask

Automatic Zero Burette

Round Bottom Two Neck Flask

Iodine Flask

Solvent Recovery Assembly

Dropping Funnel

U Tube with Two Sockets

Volumetric Flask

Evaporating Flask

Adapter Cone

Standard Joints Cone

Rotaflow Stopcock Right Angle

Detachable PTFE Stopcock for Burette

Erlenmeyer Flask

Simple Glands

Set 27 BU, M Organic Chemistry Kit


Burette Stopcock

Expansion Adapters

Solid Glass Stopper Flat Head

Splash Heads

Claisen Heads

Vertical Receiver Bend

Multiple Receiver Adapters

Receiver Adapters

Swan Neck Adapters

Multiple Adapters

Reduction Adapters

Solid Glass Stopper

Hollow Stopper

Tall Form Graduated Beaker with Spout

Beaker Low Form Graduated with Spout

Pear Shape Single Neck Flask

Narrow Neck Erlenmeyer Flask

Naqrrow Neck Round Bottom Flask

Still Head Plain with Thermometer

Wide Neck Flask Round Bottom

Erlenmeyer Wide Neck Flask

Cavett Blood Test Apparatus

Narrow Neck Flat Bottom Flask

Wide Neck Flask Flat Bottom

Vertical Splash Heads

Test Tube

Sintered Disc

Powder Funnel

Pocket Thermometer

Flask Conical with Screw Cap & Liner

Dessicator with Lid Plain

Coil Condenser

Adapter Socket to Rubber Tubing

Funnel Filtering

Macro Kjeldhal Distillation Assembly

Micro Kjeldhal Nitrogen Distillation Apparatus

Round Bottom Graduated Centrifuge Tube

Steam Distillation Assembly

Rota Flow Stopcock

Delivery Adapters

Straight Receiver Adapters

Adapter Socket to Cone

Drying Tube

Test Tubes

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ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and exporting Hospital Furniture, Hospital Instruments, Medical Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, Blood Banking Equipments, General Labware & Pharmaceuticals etc.

Welcome to ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd

Established in the year 1954, ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing, importing, trading and exporting a wide range of Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Equipments, Blood Banking Equipments, Medical Equipments, Surgical Instruments, Hospital Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Rehabilitation Products, General Lab-ware, Microscope, Analytical lab Instruments, Pharmacy Lab Instruments, Dressing & Bandages, Hospital Disposables And Various Lab Products. We are committed to improve hospital efficiency and patient care with variety of innovative, high quality products.

These products are widely used in Diagnostics, Patient Care, Rehabilitation & various surgical procedures like General surgery, Intestinal surgery, E.N.T. surgery, plastic & oral surgery, orthopedic surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecological procedures, anesthesia and other clinical interventions.

Since inception, our organization is steadily growing on the grounds of quality and innovative product range. We export premium quality Pharmaceutical Drugs. All Drugs Like: Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, Finasteride, Fluoxetine, Paroxetine, Rofecoxib, Celecoxib, Orlistat, Sertraline. Generic Hormone Drugs, Anti Retroviral, Anti HIV Drugs, Anti Cancer Drugs, Anti Diabetic Drugs, Anti Acne Drugs, Injections, Creams, Syrups, Tablets, Capsules and Harbel Medicines etc.

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ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Varun Chopra (General Manager)
ATICO House, 5309, Grain Market, Near B. D. Senior Secondary School
Ambala - 133001, Haryana, India

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