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Minipleat HEPA Filters


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ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of Minipleat HEPA Filters

High Quality HEPA Filters
MINIPLEAT Design lowers operating costs

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Low Off-gassing components
  • Wide range of efficiencies
  • Leak and/or scan tested

This is a unique family of MINIPLEAT HEPA Filters specially designed to meet the demanding airflow and particulate control requirements of clean room applications.
It is available with knife edge or gasket seal frames for installation in any type of grid system or frame.

These filters are custom built to provide the optimum solution for a wide range of application requirements. Available with a variety of media pack configurations and meeting the classification range of from H-14 in accordance with EN 1822.

These filters are designed for use in clean rooms, clean benches, semiconductor pharmaceutical, biotech, food processing and other industries in which airborne contaminants must be carefully controlled.

  • The MINIPLEAT design combines maximum efficiency with low pressure drop, thus reducing operating costs.
  • Special thermoplastic heads are used to maintain equal spacing between pleats for optimal airflow, resulting in high dust holding capacity and full use of the entire depth of the filter.
  • Made of moisture resistant and fire-retardant glass fiber media.
  • The media pack is permanently bonded to the lightweight anodized extruded aluminum frame, with a DIN classified, white urethane adhesive.
  • A white epoxy faceguard on both air leaving and air entering sides protect media from damage.


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