Electrical Incinerator

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Electrical Incinerator


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ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of Electrical Incinerator


  • Complete Solution - electrical and oil-fired models suitable for all types of waste
  • Customized - available in all sizes with accessories, starting from 5 Kg.
  • Convenient - Easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to use
  • Safe - for the operator and for the environment
  • Sturdy - built with MS Steel & well insulated Dual Chamber Construction
  • Efficient - 99% Combustion efficiency
  • Fuel Efficient - Economizes use of fuel and leaves no unburnt residue
  • Trouble Free Performance
  • All types of Pollution Control accessories available
  • Quick disposal of hazardous hospital waste
  • Protect environment & fight pollution by total Incineration
  • Eradicate Infection and contamination spreading source
  • Maintain clean & healthy pollution free surroundings of your Hospitals / Nursing Homes

Robust Construction:

Electrical Incinerators are constructed with Mild Steel and the body is reinforced with M.S. Angle. The body is painted with heat resistant paint. Incineration Chamber is insulated with high quality ceramic and rock wool blankets and refractory is made up of high grade Alumina and insulating bricks.

The Incinerator comprises of two chambers, with heating at Primary Chamber 800°C±50°C for burning waste and Secondary Chamber 1050°C±50°C for exhaust gas combustion.

Front Loading Type:

A solid and sturdy unit having continuous front loading system. The Incineration chamber is made of Stainless Steel with ASH disposal from the bottom through ash scrapper. The heating in this Incinerator is done through Heating Elements of Kenthal A1/Nicrome Grade which are designed to work on low watt density thus ensuring long life of heating elements. The system is attachable to all types of Pollution Control Accessories.

Available in capacities ranging from 5kg/hr to 500kg/hr. Suitable for wet/semi-wet and dry waste generating from Hospitals, Blood Banks, Pathology Clinics, Nursing Homes, Hotels and Industries.

Emission Norms:

We certify that the emission discharge from Electrical Incinerator shall be within specified limits as prescribed by Central Pollution Control Board & State Pollution Control Board.

Additional Information:

Item Code: AM-17051

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