Hospital & Laboratory Instruments

Established in the year 1954, ATICO MEDICAL. PVT. LTD. is engaged in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Surgical instruments, hospital equipment, hospital furniture, Ortho & rehabilitation products, dressing & bandages, hospital disposables, various lab products. We are committed to improve hospital efficiency and patient care with variety of innovative, high quality products. These products are widely used in Diagnostics, Patient Care, Rehabilitation & various surgical procedures like General surgery, Intestinal surgery, E.N.T. surgery, plastic & oral surgery, orthopedic surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecological procedures, anesthesia and other clinical interventions.
Since inception, our organization is steadily growing on the grounds of quality and innovative product range. We export premium quality Pharmaceutical Drugs. All Drugs Like: Finasteride, Fluoxetine, Paroxetine, Celecoxib, Orlistat, Sertraline. Generic Hormone Drugs, Anti Retroviral, Anti HIV Drugs, Anti Cancer Drugs, Anti Diabetic Drugs, Anti Acne Drugs, Injections, Creams, Syrups, Tablets, Capsules and Herbal Medicines etc.

Following are the products offered by our organization:

Home Care Electrical Bed

Patient Home Care BedGet Quotation

Patient Home Care Bed

Home Care BedGet Quotation

Home Care Bed

Hospital Beds

Recovery BedGet Quotation

Recovery Bed

Hospitals Table

Hospitals Couch

Hospital I.V. Stand

IV Pole StandGet Quotation

IV Pole Stand

Saline StandGet Quotation

Saline Stand

Hospital Trolley

Kick BucketGet Quotation

Kick Bucket

PP MOP Wringer BucketGet Quotation

PP MOP Wringer Bucket

Soiled Linen TrolleyGet Quotation

Soiled Linen Trolley

Waste TrolleyGet Quotation

Waste Trolley

Records ABS TrolleyGet Quotation

Records ABS Trolley

Hospital Lockers

Bedside Cabinet ABSGet Quotation

Bedside Cabinet ABS

Bedside Cabinet ABSGet Quotation

Bedside Cabinet ABS

Hospital Beds Mattress

Hospital Examination Table

Medical Exam TableGet Quotation

Medical Exam Table

Examination TableGet Quotation

Examination Table

Embalming TableGet Quotation

Embalming Table

Hospital Stretchers

Battlefield StretcherGet Quotation

Battlefield Stretcher

Stretcher ChairGet Quotation

Stretcher Chair

Hospital Blood Donor Chairs

Blood Donor ChairGet Quotation

Blood Donor Chair

Donor CouchGet Quotation

Donor Couch

Hospital Bedside Revolving Stools

Surgeon StoolGet Quotation

Surgeon Stool

Doctors ChairGet Quotation

Doctors Chair

Bedside StoolGet Quotation

Bedside Stool

Hospital Bedside Tables

Hospital Obstetric Tables

Hospital Bedside Screens

Bedside ScreenGet Quotation

Bedside Screen

Bed Side ScreenGet Quotation

Bed Side Screen

Hospital Bowl Stands

Single Bowl StandGet Quotation

Single Bowl Stand

Double Bowl StandGet Quotation

Double Bowl Stand

Folding Wheel Chair

Operation Theater Tables

Operation Theater Lights

Blood Bank Equipment

Blood Bag Tube SealerGet Quotation

Blood Bag Tube Sealer

Platelet AgitatorGet Quotation

Platelet Agitator

Blood Bank ScaleGet Quotation

Blood Bank Scale

Blood Cell CounterGet Quotation

Blood Cell Counter

Plasma ExtractorGet Quotation

Plasma Extractor

Dental Equipment

Operation Theater Fumigator

E.N.T. Equipment

Clear HeadlightGet Quotation

Clear Headlight

Halogen OtoscopesGet Quotation

Halogen Otoscopes

Hospital Holloware

Bed PanGet Quotation

Bed Pan

Spittoon MugGet Quotation

Spittoon Mug

Sputum CupGet Quotation

Sputum Cup

Urinals FemalesGet Quotation

Urinals Females

Instruments TrayGet Quotation

Instruments Tray

Dressing DrumGet Quotation

Dressing Drum

OPD Equipment

Medical Monitoring System

Rehabilitation Aids

Medical Sterilizers

Hospital Rubbers Goods

Karman CannulaGet Quotation

Karman Cannula

Ice BagGet Quotation

Ice Bag

Air CushioGet Quotation

Air Cushio

B.P. Armlet BagGet Quotation

B.P. Armlet Bag

Bed PanGet Quotation

Bed Pan

Medical Keratometer

Manual KeratometerGet Quotation

Manual Keratometer

Patient Monitor

Patient MonitorGet Quotation

Patient Monitor

Doctor Chair & Stools

Revolving StoolGet Quotation

Revolving Stool

Medical Cabinets Cupboards

Clothing CabinetGet Quotation

Clothing Cabinet

10 Locker CabinetGet Quotation

10 Locker Cabinet

Veterinary Instruments

CastratorsGet Quotation


Burdizzo CastratorsGet Quotation

Burdizzo Castrators

Physiotherapy Equipment

Leg ExerciserGet Quotation

Leg Exerciser

ActivatorGet Quotation


Exercise ChairGet Quotation

Exercise Chair

Movable Cabinets Drawers

Movable CabinetsGet Quotation

Movable Cabinets

Filing CabinetsGet Quotation

Filing Cabinets

Filing CabinetsGet Quotation

Filing Cabinets

Surgery Equipment

Oxygen Therapy System

Infusion Pumps

Drop Infusion PumpGet Quotation

Drop Infusion Pump

Syringe Infusion PumpGet Quotation

Syringe Infusion Pump

Hospital Baby Crib

Infant BedGet Quotation

Infant Bed

Infant Bed Child CotGet Quotation

Infant Bed Child Cot

Swaddling TableGet Quotation

Swaddling Table

Infant Bed Child CotGet Quotation

Infant Bed Child Cot

Hospital Foot Stools

Foot Step StoolGet Quotation

Foot Step Stool

X-Ray Machine & Equipment

X Ray CassettesGet Quotation

X Ray Cassettes

Lead GogglesGet Quotation

Lead Goggles

X Ray MachineGet Quotation

X Ray Machine

Waiting Chairs & Benches

Waiting BenchGet Quotation

Waiting Bench

Steel Waiting ChairGet Quotation

Steel Waiting Chair

Multipara Monitor Systems

Needle Destroyers

Binocular Loupes

Binocular LoupesGet Quotation

Binocular Loupes

Fetal Monitors

Fetal MonitorsGet Quotation

Fetal Monitors

Electrical Defibrillator

Harpenden Skinfold Caliper

ECG Machines

OT Equipment

Medical Ventilator

Pulse Oximeter

Syringe Pump

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Endoscopy Camera

Ultra Sound Machines

BiPAP Ventilator

Neonatal Products

LED OT Light

Dental Microscopes

Dental Micro MotorGet Quotation

Dental Micro Motor

Ophthalmic Equipments

Applanation TonometerGet Quotation

Applanation Tonometer

Binocular LoupeGet Quotation

Binocular Loupe

Streak RetinoscopeGet Quotation

Streak Retinoscope

Halogen Light Source

Halogen Light SourcesGet Quotation

Halogen Light Sources

Portable Surgical Microscope

General Surgery Microscope

Gynae Colposcope

Digital ColposcopeGet Quotation

Digital Colposcope

ENT Surgical Instruments

Nasal ForcepsGet Quotation

Nasal Forceps

Nasal ScissorsGet Quotation

Nasal Scissors

Tongue DepressorsGet Quotation

Tongue Depressors

Post Mortem Knives

Post  Mortem KnivesGet Quotation

Post Mortem Knives

LED Headlights

Clinical Thermometers

Prismatic ThermometerGet Quotation

Prismatic Thermometer

Flat Oval ThermometerGet Quotation

Flat Oval Thermometer

Rectal ThermometerGet Quotation

Rectal Thermometer

Forehead ThermometerGet Quotation

Forehead Thermometer

Room ThermometerGet Quotation

Room Thermometer

Surgical Dressing Tapes

W.O.W BandagesGet Quotation

W.O.W Bandages

Medical Paper TapeGet Quotation

Medical Paper Tape

Surgical Paper TapeGet Quotation

Surgical Paper Tape

Face Masks

Plastic Surgery Equipment

Home Care Products

E.N.S Medical DeviceGet Quotation

E.N.S Medical Device

Blood Sugar MachineGet Quotation

Blood Sugar Machine

Hearing DeviceGet Quotation

Hearing Device

Black Rubber Resuscitators

Silicone Resuscitators

Opthalmic Blades

Scleral BladesGet Quotation

Scleral Blades

Spoon BladesGet Quotation

Spoon Blades

Lancetip BladesGet Quotation

Lancetip Blades

Blunt Tip KeratomesGet Quotation

Blunt Tip Keratomes

Clear Cornea BladesGet Quotation

Clear Cornea Blades

MVR BladesGet Quotation

MVR Blades

Surgery Devices

Blood Collection Tubes And Accessories

Auto First Aid Kit

Auto First Aid KitGet Quotation

Auto First Aid Kit

Auto First Aid KitGet Quotation

Auto First Aid Kit

Auto First Aid KitGet Quotation

Auto First Aid Kit

First Aid KitGet Quotation

First Aid Kit

ENT Instruments

ENT Tuning ForksGet Quotation

ENT Tuning Forks

Doyen Mouth GagsGet Quotation

Doyen Mouth Gags

Ear SpeculumGet Quotation

Ear Speculum

Freer ElevatorsGet Quotation

Freer Elevators

Heister Mouth GagsGet Quotation

Heister Mouth Gags

Jobson ProbesGet Quotation

Jobson Probes

Plastic First Aid Kit

Plastic First Aid KitGet Quotation

Plastic First Aid Kit

Plastic First Aid KitGet Quotation

Plastic First Aid Kit

Plastic First Aid KitGet Quotation

Plastic First Aid Kit

Plastic First Aid KitGet Quotation

Plastic First Aid Kit

Plastic First Aid KitGet Quotation

Plastic First Aid Kit

Plastic First Aid KitGet Quotation

Plastic First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

First Aid KitGet Quotation

First Aid Kit

Hemoglobin Meter


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Photo Colorimeters

Urology Disposable

Ureteral Dilator SetGet Quotation

Ureteral Dilator Set

Double J StentsGet Quotation

Double J Stents

Endopyelotomy StentGet Quotation

Endopyelotomy Stent

Fascial Dilator SetGet Quotation

Fascial Dilator Set

Malecot CatheterGet Quotation

Malecot Catheter

Morgue Refrigerators

Endoscopic Products

Surgical Instrument Sets

Dilator SetsGet Quotation

Dilator Sets

Dissection SetsGet Quotation

Dissection Sets

TC Surgical Instruments

Adson Forcep TCGet Quotation

Adson Forcep TC

TC Mayo ScissorsGet Quotation

TC Mayo Scissors


Mortuary ChamberGet Quotation

Mortuary Chamber

Autopsy TableGet Quotation

Autopsy Table

Embalming MachineGet Quotation

Embalming Machine

Ureterorenoscope Instruments

Lithotriptor AdapterGet Quotation

Lithotriptor Adapter

Uretero RenoscopeGet Quotation

Uretero Renoscope

Pharmaceutical Products

Bulk DrugsGet Quotation

Bulk Drugs

Dental Instruments

Dental Pick SetGet Quotation

Dental Pick Set

Matrix RetainerGet Quotation

Matrix Retainer

Dental FlaskGet Quotation

Dental Flask

Dental MirrorsGet Quotation

Dental Mirrors

Dental ScalersGet Quotation

Dental Scalers

Dental Root ElevatorsGet Quotation

Dental Root Elevators

Walking Stick

Tapping Products

Stainless Steel Forceps

Allis Tissue ForcepsGet Quotation

Allis Tissue Forceps

Dissecting ForcepsGet Quotation

Dissecting Forceps

Cheatle ForcepsGet Quotation

Cheatle Forceps

Curette UterineGet Quotation

Curette Uterine

Surgical Retractors

Czerny RetractorsGet Quotation

Czerny Retractors

Cat Paw RetractorGet Quotation

Cat Paw Retractor

Doyen RetractorsGet Quotation

Doyen Retractors

Kilner RetractorsGet Quotation

Kilner Retractors

Lanes RetractorsGet Quotation

Lanes Retractors

Morris RetractorsGet Quotation

Morris Retractors

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Deep Freezer VerticalGet Quotation

Deep Freezer Vertical

Medical RefrigeratorGet Quotation

Medical Refrigerator

Plasma FreezerGet Quotation

Plasma Freezer

Dental Tool Set

Dental Pick SetGet Quotation

Dental Pick Set

Spatula SetGet Quotation

Spatula Set

Wax Carver SetGet Quotation

Wax Carver Set

Hospital Sinks Tables Carts

Baby Care Equipment

BMI IndicatorGet Quotation

BMI Indicator

Infant CribsGet Quotation

Infant Cribs

Oxygen HoodsGet Quotation

Oxygen Hoods

Surgical Forceps

Artery ForcepsGet Quotation

Artery Forceps

Tissue Forceps

Adson Tissue ForcepGet Quotation

Adson Tissue Forcep

Allis Tissue ForcepsGet Quotation

Allis Tissue Forceps

Surgical Clamps

Backhaus Towel ClampGet Quotation

Backhaus Towel Clamp

Bulldog ClampGet Quotation

Bulldog Clamp

Green Armytage ClampGet Quotation

Green Armytage Clamp

Maingot ClampGet Quotation

Maingot Clamp

Medical Disposable Items

Maternity PadsGet Quotation

Maternity Pads

ECG ElectrodesGet Quotation

ECG Electrodes

ECG ElectrodesGet Quotation

ECG Electrodes

Surgical Scissors

Dressing ScissorsGet Quotation

Dressing Scissors

Mayo ScissorsGet Quotation

Mayo Scissors

Surgical Probes

Eye ProbeGet Quotation

Eye Probe

Jobson Horne ProbeGet Quotation

Jobson Horne Probe

Lacrimal ProbeGet Quotation

Lacrimal Probe

ICU Patient's Dress

ICU Patient DressGet Quotation

ICU Patient Dress

ICU Patient DressGet Quotation

ICU Patient Dress

ICU Patient DressGet Quotation

ICU Patient Dress

ICU Patient DressGet Quotation

ICU Patient Dress

ICU Patient DressGet Quotation

ICU Patient Dress

Urine Analyzers

Urine AnalyzersGet Quotation

Urine Analyzers

Nursing Manikin

ACLS Manikin

Skill Training Manikin

Medical Models

Anatomical ModelsGet Quotation

Anatomical Models

Medicinal ModelsGet Quotation

Medicinal Models

Anatomy ModelsGet Quotation

Anatomy Models

Gynae Models

Uterus ModelGet Quotation

Uterus Model

Ovary ModelGet Quotation

Ovary Model

Surgical Product

Wrapping SheetGet Quotation

Wrapping Sheet

Sterilization ReelGet Quotation

Sterilization Reel

Adult DiaperGet Quotation

Adult Diaper

Cling DrapeGet Quotation

Cling Drape


IUCD KitsGet Quotation


Surgical Pack & Drapes

Equipment CoverGet Quotation

Equipment Cover

Mayo Stand CoverGet Quotation

Mayo Stand Cover

Medical Wears

Kurta & PajamaGet Quotation

Kurta & Pajama

OT GownsGet Quotation

OT Gowns

Plastic ApronGet Quotation

Plastic Apron

Lab CoatGet Quotation

Lab Coat

Bed SheetGet Quotation

Bed Sheet

Nurses DressGet Quotation

Nurses Dress

Oxygen Cylinders And Accessory

Commode Stool

Commode StoolGet Quotation

Commode Stool

Shower Stools and Chairs

Shower ChairsGet Quotation

Shower Chairs

Shower StoolsGet Quotation

Shower Stools

Obstetrics-Labor-Gyne Tables

Labor Table MotorizedGet Quotation

Labor Table Motorized

Labor Table MotorizedGet Quotation

Labor Table Motorized

Labor TableGet Quotation

Labor Table

Labor TableGet Quotation

Labor Table

Dissecting Instruments

Brunetti's ChiselGet Quotation

Brunetti's Chisel

Bone ChiselGet Quotation

Bone Chisel

Consumable Operation Theatre Items

Doctor's Dresses

Doctor DressesGet Quotation

Doctor Dresses

Wrap Around GownGet Quotation

Wrap Around Gown

Patient Dress

Patient DressGet Quotation

Patient Dress

Patient DressGet Quotation

Patient Dress

Patient DressGet Quotation

Patient Dress

Hospital Beds Plain

Plain BedGet Quotation

Plain Bed

Anaesthesia Machine

OB and Gynecology Models


OpthalmoscopeGet Quotation


Orthopaedic Polyster Cast And Splint

Dissection Tables

Dissecting TableGet Quotation

Dissecting Table

Animal Hospital Equipment

Rotating Animal TableGet Quotation

Rotating Animal Table

Animal Table MediumGet Quotation

Animal Table Medium

Injections & Venipuncture

Airway Management Trainer

Diagnostic Equipment

Stethoscopes & Spare Parts

Infant Care Products

Infant Radiant WarmerGet Quotation

Infant Radiant Warmer

Touch DopplerGet Quotation

Touch Doppler

Micro DopplerGet Quotation

Micro Doppler

Micro Infusion PumpGet Quotation

Micro Infusion Pump

Touch DopplerGet Quotation

Touch Doppler

Digi DoppleerGet Quotation

Digi Doppleer

Infant Incubator

Cardiology Devices

Neurology Devices

24 Channel EEGGet Quotation

24 Channel EEG

32 Channel EEGGet Quotation

32 Channel EEG

EMG DeviceGet Quotation

EMG Device

Radiology Devices

Pulmonology Devices

PC Based SpirometerGet Quotation

PC Based Spirometer

Portable SpirometerGet Quotation

Portable Spirometer

Fetal Doppler

Fetal DopplerGet Quotation

Fetal Doppler

Fetal DopplerGet Quotation

Fetal Doppler

Fetal DopplerGet Quotation

Fetal Doppler

Audiology Devices

Physiology Device

PC Based PhysiographGet Quotation

PC Based Physiograph

Anaesthesia Circuits

Vacuum Extractors

Laboratory Chemicals

Silver NitrateGet Quotation

Silver Nitrate

Autoclave Sterilizer

Freezers Refrigerators

Vertical FreezerGet Quotation

Vertical Freezer

Deep Freezer VerticalGet Quotation

Deep Freezer Vertical

Ice Flaking MachinesGet Quotation

Ice Flaking Machines

Clean Air Benches

Bio Safety Cabinet

Laboratory Fume Hoods

Fume ScrubberGet Quotation

Fume Scrubber

Exhaust BlowersGet Quotation

Exhaust Blowers

Floor MountedGet Quotation

Floor Mounted

Acid DigestionGet Quotation

Acid Digestion

Perchloric Fume HoodsGet Quotation

Perchloric Fume Hoods

Junior Fume HoodsGet Quotation

Junior Fume Hoods

Fumigation Chamber

Fumigation ChamberGet Quotation

Fumigation Chamber

Environmental Growth Chamber



CO2 IncubatorsGet Quotation

CO2 Incubators

Water Distillation Plants

Water Baths

Hot Plates Warming Tables

Rectangular Hot PlateGet Quotation

Rectangular Hot Plate

Hot Plate RoundGet Quotation

Hot Plate Round

Slide Warming TableGet Quotation

Slide Warming Table

Dry Block Digester

Dry Bath IncubatorGet Quotation

Dry Bath Incubator

Dry BathGet Quotation

Dry Bath

Shaking Machines And Stirrers

Muffle Furnace

Muffle FurnaceGet Quotation

Muffle Furnace

COD Digestor

COD DigestorGet Quotation

COD Digestor

Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

General Laboratory Equipment

Butyro RefractrometerGet Quotation

Butyro Refractrometer

Abbe RefreactrometerGet Quotation

Abbe Refreactrometer

Research PolarimeterGet Quotation

Research Polarimeter

Digital Colony Counters

Digital Friability Test Apparatus

Digital Conductivity TDS Meters

Digital D.O. Meters

Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter

TDS And Salinity Meters

Digital TDS MeterGet Quotation

Digital TDS Meter

Microprocessor Instruments

Espectrometro FTIR Exportador

Digital Potentiometer

Double Beam Espectrofotometro UV-VIS

Microcontroller pH Meter

Cold Storage Equipment

Human Spine Model

Audiological Equipment

Maico AudiometerGet Quotation

Maico Audiometer

Maico Audiometer -BGet Quotation

Maico Audiometer -B

Maico Audiometer -  AGet Quotation

Maico Audiometer - A

Maico Audiometer-CGet Quotation

Maico Audiometer-C

Assistive Devices

Comfort ContegoGet Quotation

Comfort Contego

Digital Moisture Meter


Retractable ScalpelsGet Quotation

Retractable Scalpels

Disposable ScalpelsGet Quotation

Disposable Scalpels

Thumb ScalpelsGet Quotation

Thumb Scalpels

Compact Cystoscopes

Adult CystoscopesGet Quotation

Adult Cystoscopes

CystoscopesGet Quotation


Non Woven Skin Under Wrap

Pneumatic Lithotripter

Digital Telescope

Medical TelescopesGet Quotation

Medical Telescopes

Cystoscopy and Urethroscope Instruments

Cold Light Source

Cold Light SourceGet Quotation

Cold Light Source

Laboratory Glassware

Bod BottleGet Quotation

Bod Bottle

Buchner FunnelGet Quotation

Buchner Funnel

Chromatographic TankGet Quotation

Chromatographic Tank

Dropping BottleGet Quotation

Dropping Bottle

Laboratory Plasticware

BeakersGet Quotation


Buchner FunnelGet Quotation

Buchner Funnel

Microscope Slides

Adhesion Microscope Slides

Microscope Cover Glass

Counting ChamberGet Quotation

Counting Chamber

Counting ChamberGet Quotation

Counting Chamber

Counting ChamberGet Quotation

Counting Chamber

Microscope Slide Accessories

Cervical ScraperGet Quotation

Cervical Scraper

Cardboard MailersGet Quotation

Cardboard Mailers

Cardboard MailersGet Quotation

Cardboard Mailers

Cardboard SlideGet Quotation

Cardboard Slide

Cervical BrushGet Quotation

Cervical Brush

Embedding Cassettes

Biopsy Foam PadsGet Quotation

Biopsy Foam Pads

Embedding CassetteGet Quotation

Embedding Cassette

Embedding CassetteGet Quotation

Embedding Cassette

Transport Swabs

Liquid Handling

Dropper BulbGet Quotation

Dropper Bulb

Tip RackGet Quotation

Tip Rack

Dropper BulbGet Quotation

Dropper Bulb

Electronic PipettorsGet Quotation

Electronic Pipettors

Electronic PipettorsGet Quotation

Electronic Pipettors

Tubes And Accessories

CryotubeGet Quotation


Freezing BoxGet Quotation

Freezing Box

PCR PlateGet Quotation

PCR Plate

PCR Storage BoxGet Quotation

PCR Storage Box

PCR Tube StripGet Quotation

PCR Tube Strip

Customised Health Care Kits

Anesthesia KitsGet Quotation

Anesthesia Kits

AIDS KitsGet Quotation


D & C KitsGet Quotation

D & C Kits

Delivery KitsGet Quotation

Delivery Kits

Dental KitsGet Quotation

Dental Kits

Bio-Medical Waste Collection Bags

Extra Large BagsGet Quotation

Extra Large Bags

Large BagsGet Quotation

Large Bags

Medium BagsGet Quotation

Medium Bags

Small BagsGet Quotation

Small Bags

Plastic Splints & Orthopedic Products

Foot Drop SplintsGet Quotation

Foot Drop Splints

Foot Drop SplintsGet Quotation

Foot Drop Splints

Test Chamber

Wax Carver Set

Pick SetGet Quotation

Pick Set

Wax Carver SetGet Quotation

Wax Carver Set

Wax Carving ToolsGet Quotation

Wax Carving Tools

Orthopedic Instruments

Amputation SawsGet Quotation

Amputation Saws

Bone ChiselsGet Quotation

Bone Chisels

Bone Holding ForcepsGet Quotation

Bone Holding Forceps

Bone ScoopsGet Quotation

Bone Scoops


Arrow Head TweezerGet Quotation

Arrow Head Tweezer

Diamond TweezerGet Quotation

Diamond Tweezer

Ring Set TweezerGet Quotation

Ring Set Tweezer

Split Ring TweezerGet Quotation

Split Ring Tweezer

Autopsy Accessories



Vortex ShakerGet Quotation

Vortex Shaker

Blood Tube RotarorGet Quotation

Blood Tube Rotaror

Orbital Flask ShakerGet Quotation

Orbital Flask Shaker

Growth Chamber

Suction Unit

Medical Suction UnitsGet Quotation

Medical Suction Units

Suction MachineGet Quotation

Suction Machine

Suction UnitsGet Quotation

Suction Units

Freezing And Cooling Equipment


Heating Cooling Baths

Digital Oil BathGet Quotation

Digital Oil Bath

Mini Dry BathGet Quotation

Mini Dry Bath

Multi Dry BathGet Quotation

Multi Dry Bath

Ultrasonic CleanerGet Quotation

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Freeze Drying Equipments Lyophilizer


Crucible Box FurnaceGet Quotation

Crucible Box Furnace

Crucible FurnaceGet Quotation

Crucible Furnace

Tube FurnaceGet Quotation

Tube Furnace



Ultrasonic ProcessorGet Quotation

Ultrasonic Processor

Glass HomogenizerGet Quotation

Glass Homogenizer

Laboratory Disposable Plasticware

Gas Chromatography

Clean Room Equipment

Hay Moisture MetersGet Quotation

Hay Moisture Meters

Soil Moisture MetersGet Quotation

Soil Moisture Meters

Laboratory PCR

Fume Handling

Grossing Workstations

Grossing StationGet Quotation

Grossing Station

Grossing TableGet Quotation

Grossing Table

Transport & Handling

Animal TableGet Quotation

Animal Table

Cadaver TransporterGet Quotation

Cadaver Transporter

Lab Furniture & Casework

Ventilated CabinetGet Quotation

Ventilated Cabinet

Custom Products

Laminar Air Flow

Air Shower

Tunnel ShowerGet Quotation

Tunnel Shower

Air Shower TunnelGet Quotation

Air Shower Tunnel

Clean Room Pass Box

Static Pass BoxGet Quotation

Static Pass Box

Dynamic Pass BoxGet Quotation

Dynamic Pass Box

Clean Pass BoxGet Quotation

Clean Pass Box

Fan Filter Unit

Fan Filteration UnitGet Quotation

Fan Filteration Unit

Seed Germinator


Confocal MicroscopeGet Quotation

Confocal Microscope

Binocular MicroscopeGet Quotation

Binocular Microscope

Demostrational Acrylic models

Structure of AtomGet Quotation

Structure of Atom

Orbit af An AtomGet Quotation

Orbit af An Atom


School Science Kits

Working Models

Model of Biogas PlantGet Quotation

Model of Biogas Plant

Solar MeterGet Quotation

Solar Meter

Solar Fan Wooden CaseGet Quotation

Solar Fan Wooden Case

Pharmaceuticals Gift Models

Mortar And PestleGet Quotation

Mortar And Pestle

Clay Pipe TriangleGet Quotation

Clay Pipe Triangle

CasserolesGet Quotation


Math Lab Instruments

Pharmacy Instruments

SpirometerGet Quotation


Shock ChamberGet Quotation

Shock Chamber

Electronics Instruments

Bh Curve ApparatusGet Quotation

Bh Curve Apparatus

Battery ChargersGet Quotation

Battery Chargers

Osteoporosis Models

B.O.D. Incubator

B.O.D. Incubator GMPGet Quotation

B.O.D. Incubator GMP

Water Testing Equipments

General Laboratory Equipments

Biological Safety Cabinet

Biomedical Equipments

Cadverous InjectorGet Quotation

Cadverous Injector

Hematology Analyzers

Hematology AnalyzerGet Quotation

Hematology Analyzer

Biochemistry Analyzers

Coagulation Analyzers

ESR Analyzers

ESR AnalyzersGet Quotation

ESR Analyzers


Cryostat Microtome

Tissue Processor

Slide Stainers

Microtome Knife Sharpeners


PolarimeterGet Quotation



Liquid ChromatographGet Quotation

Liquid Chromatograph