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Needle Destroyers

We are among the reputed organizations, involved in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a wide range of Needle Destroyers. Our range consists of Syringe & Needle Destroyer, Stainless Steel Needle Cutter and Plastic Needle Cutter. All our products are widely appreciated by the customers for their lightweight, longer service life, sturdy construction and low maintenance. Apart from this, we have the capability to customize all the products as per the specifications detailed down by the customers.

Syringe Needle Destroyer
Enlarge View

Syringe Needle Destroyer

Item Code: AM-2001

Our customers can avail from us Syringe Needle Destroyer that is designed in compliance with industry standards & norms. All our products are widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics for destroying needles and syringes immediately after use. Apart from this, we provide these products in different models, sizes and designs at market leading prices to fulfill the demands and needs of customers.


Other information:

  • Two slot easy operation for destroying needle & syringe
  • Needle melts electrically & syringe cuts by automatic electrical blades
  • Incinerates the needle instantaneously
  • Cuts the syringe within seconds
  • Low power consumption
  • Can destroyer disposable syringe & needle 18G to 28G
  • Collection receptacle to collect the waste
  • Power coating housing
  • Provision of On/Off switch with pilot lamp
  • Shock proof-main circuit breaker is provided
  • Portable, compact & handy




  • Switch on the device
  • Insert the needle in the needle slot
  • Push it gently downwards till arcing stops
  • Put the syringe in syringe slot
  • Syringe cuts automatically by electrically operated blades

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Syringe & Needle Destroyer
Enlarge View

Syringe & Needle Destroyer

Item Code: AM-2002

We are engaged in providing our clients with Syringe & Needle Destroyer that is available in different models and sizes at market leading prices. These products are widely appreciated by the customers for their corrosion & abrasion resistance, excellent performance, low maintenance and longer functional life. Apart from this, our products can be customized as per the specifications laid down by the customers.


Other information:


  • Syringe & Needle Destroyer
  • Two slot easy operation for destroying Needle & Syringe
  • Needle burns electrically and syringe cuts manually.
  • Cuts the syringe within seconds.
  • Can destroyer disposable syringe & needle 18G to 28G
  • Collection receptacle to collect the waste
  • Power coating housing »Provision of On/Off switch with pilot lamp
  • Shock proof-Main circuit breaker is provided
  • Portable, compact, handy




  • Switch on the device
  • Insert the needle in the needle slot
  • Push it gently downwards till arcing stops
  • Put the syringe in syringe slot.
  • Push the handle of the cutting blade to cut the syringe at the nozzle

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Plastic Needle Cutter
Enlarge View

Plastic Needle Cutter

Item Code: AM-2005

ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of Plastic Needle Cutter.


  • To Terminate Needles, insert used needle fully into small insert used needle fully into small orifice and hold squeeze handles with a fast squeezing action until needle is cut
  • To Terminate Syringes, insert syringe nozzle fully into large orifice and hold squeeze handles with a fast squeezing action until nozzle is cut

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Syringe & Needle Crusher
Enlarge View

Syringe & Needle Crusher

Item Code: AM-2003

ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of Syringe & Needle Crusher.


  • Syringe & Needle Destroyer ABS PVC Body
  • Fuse protection 2 amp ¾” glass cartage type
  • Main Supply 220 V to 230 V 50 Hz
  • Weight 1.400 Gm
  • Power Cord with suitable plug provided
  • Overall size 228mm x 203mm x 159mm
  • PVC Body

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Three in One Needle & Syringe Destroyer
Enlarge View

Three in One Needle & Syringe Destroyer

Item Code: AM-2006

ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of Three in One Needle & Syringe Destroyer.

Needle Syringe Destroyer with 3 in 1 operation in single body i.e. burning of needle cutting of syringes and manual cutting of needle are also provided in case of electricity failure. Our machine has strong metal body with powder coating for longer life. 

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Needle & Syringe Destroyer- Electrical
Enlarge View

Needle & Syringe Destroyer- Electrical

Item Code: AM-2007

ATICO Medical Pvt. Ltd. are manufacturer, supplier and Exporter of Needle & Syringe Destroyer- Electrical

Amkay products proudly to introduces 1st time in India Needle Syringe Destroyer with Buzzer while burning the needles which indicates total burning of needle and cut the disposable syringe nozzle easily.

  • Economical, Sturdy, Simple to operate
  • Sharp Steel Blade
  • Portable

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ATICO House, 5309, Grain Market, Near B. D. Senior Secondary School
Ambala - 133001, Haryana, India

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